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Duquette Rock ‘Trust The Night’

Bands that bridge old sounds with new feelings are few and far between. However, Duquette is doing just that with their latest album, Trust The Night.    Duquette brings together a rock edge with a folk sound   Opening with “Trust The Night,” the title track for the album, you truly get a snapshot of the sound

Dorothy Produces Edgy Teaser Tracks for New Album

Fueled by fire and thunder, Dorothy unleashes a country rock storm.   After 2016 album ROCKISDEAD comes 28 Days in the Valley, out tomorrow. According to front woman Dorothy Martin, “After writing, we did a good amount of pre-production and worked out the energy and vibe of the songs and then we went in and recorded

Welcome to the Seven Sounds of Taped Live

What happens when you take old school blues and blend it with a modern day grunge rock vibe? You get the band Taped Live. This Glasgow duo comprising of Leo (guitar/vocals) and Sal (drums) have been working hard making a name for themselves for their authentic music, which can now be heard throughout their debut