Trickshooter Social Club Lights Up ‘Monte Carlo’

Trickshooter Social Club

As music has progressed over the years, genres have gone in many directions. There have been many splintered offshoots. On the other hand there have been many successful bands that have found a way to merge multiple genres together to create their own unique sound. Recent find Trickshooter Social Club is one such band as they release their new EP Monte Carlo.

The Chicago based band fills up the speakers as well as the stage with 8 top notch live performers. The Trickshooter Social Club sound leans in heavy on roots rock with a wide assortment of influences from all over the musical spectrum. From song to song you will hear country, rock, pop, punk, blues, and more all with that live garage band ethos. Have fun and play great music.

July 30th, 2021 saw the release of the newest EP from Trickshooter Social Club titled Monte Carlo. The 4 track record brings the band’s eclectic mix of sound to the forefront with something for everyone. 

The opener “Honey, I Believe” brings the energy immediately. Trickshooter Social Club provides the feeling of seeing a great band playing on a small stage in a crowded bar. The smoky vocal delivery puts it all on the table. A solid groove pushes the track ahead while a change up in the middle of the song keeps the listener tuned in.

Another side is shown on the slowed down “Don’t Settle Me Down”. The bluesy country song offers a romantic side for some slow dancing at the dive bar. We quickly go back to high energy with “Duck And Run”. A big beat and grinding guitars push to the limit. Instrumental breaks are taken to let the vocals show their shine as well. As it all comes together the power of the song is on full display.

The Monte Carlo EP closes with even more experimentation. “We’re All Forgiven” opens with some sweeping organ sounds and a semi rap verse. Trickshooter Social Club can truly go in any direction they choose. The fire remains constant though. There is something for everyone who loves real music here.

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