Night Drive self-titled sci-fi album

Night Drive self-titled LP

Electronic based synth music that defined the 1980s are making a come back. Night Drive’s self-titled LP perfectly blends together post-punk synth pop in a vintage style only the 80s could master. The Texas based duo found the perfect blend between between the synth centered arrangements across the entire album that combine the enough sci-fi soundtrack influences to make more interesting.

Night Drive put it all out in their self-titled LP.

The sound that Night Drive created takes a time machines through elements of 80s synth pop to the future with dynamic instrumentation while remaining sleek and modern. As an album, each track transports the listener to the new-wave Brit-rock era that define generations through the sci-fi vast soundscapes of the future. There is not a dull moment across the nearly 40 minute listen.

The 11 track album explores the darker aspects of currents of abstract emotion laid over infectious melodies. Night Drive was largely inspired by a collection of films and other art. Though the album does not center around a single concept, it’s easy to hear the underlying themes of a dystopian and uncertain future.

“Although it’s not a concept album, a few common themes seemed to emerge as the songs took shape.” – Brandon Duhon

Rodney Connell and Brandon Duhon met for the first time with the woman they were both dating died in a car crash. Neither new each other before the encounter, however the tragic moment stemmed something between the two artistically. Both had a love the elements of the past, from 1930s Sherlock Holmes radio programs to research of Ancient Egyptian artifacts. Their love for non-music arts is brought together to form Night Drive’s unique sound as a duo and as a self-titled LP.

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