Taylor Grey Releases Debut Album “Space Case”

taylor grey

Taylor Grey has released her highly anticipated debut album, “Space Case,” an album that will appeal to any pop lover looking for a pure voice and danceable synth grooves. We have been keeping an eye on Taylor for a while. She gave us a “behind the scenes” look at her last single “Never Woulda Letcha”.

Space Case is an authentic and infectious blend of pop and R&B infused songs co-written by Grey, a 20-year-old Stanford sophomore.  The album demonstrates her strong storytelling abilities and bubblegum vocal execution paired with authentic and infectious songs. “I put my heart and soul in this album, and I cannot wait for everyone to hear and connect with it,” Grey said.

The album starts with the infection “Miami,” a catchy duet between Grey and Spencer Kane. With funky and booming synths and breathy vocals that flow seamlessly into falsetto notes, “Miami” is a sexy, sultry track calling out the exes who can’t keep their word. “You said we would be timeless, now I gotta be honest: did you really think that you could stay?” Grey propositions Kane. In return, Kane counters “I said we would be timeless, but with time I noticed I could never trust a thing you said.”

Taylor Grey’s “Space Case” is an Infectious Debut

The song hits its stride with the catchy pre-chorus hook. “I remember the days when you used to complain that you don’t understand me. Now I’m out in LA, but I know how you play when you’re down in Miami,” Kane and Grey verbally side-eye each other. It’s a strong song about an ill-fitted coupling that not even sexual tension can mend.

“Never Woulda Letcha” is a more emotional track, with acoustic guitar picking behind upbeat drums. “If I was her, you know I never would have let you go,” Grey sings. A strong song about loving somebody who loves somebody else, “Never Woulda Letcha” demonstrates that Grey can write both sexy singles and deeper cuts.

“Space Case,” the title track, is a fluffy piece about being the ultimate daydreamer. The verses are stripped back to let her voice shine, but the rest of the song is filled with bouncy synths and bubbly background vocals. “She’s a space case astronaut, she goes on and on and on, looking for adventure,” Grey sings with a smile.

Overall, the album is a strong effort coming from the rising star. She is currently on tour again with Jacob Whiteside for his “Basically Happy” tour to promote the album. If she’s near you, we definitely recommend checking her out.

You can stream the entire album on her Soundcloud. Follow Grey on her websiteFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.

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