Sariah Mae – “Somethings” is Truly Something Special

sariah mae

We relate what we hear to what we know. Or at least I do.

It is comforting to be able to relate two things that are completely opposite ends of the world, differ in every way that doesn’t matter, and mirror each other in every way that does matter.

And when I hear L.A. native Sariah Mae on “Somethings”, I think about the wistful, poppy synths that can often dominate the radio waves where I am. But I think about them with a twist. And that twist is a classical twist.

Dreamy, hauntingly memorable, and refreshingly intimate. Sariah Mae’s new single, “Somethings” truly is something special. With her strong attachment to classical music and years of training as a classical pianist, Mae eventually became infatuated with writing and producing her own original work. Her classical training informs her debut single which effortlessly combines indie-pop with classical music, setting her apart.

“Somethings” by Sariah Mae is equal parts playfully materialistic and thoughtful love song.

Ones to Watch says of her, “Simply calling Sariah Mae an indie-pop artist feels like a gross understatement, as her first-ever offering is a spellbinding track that refuses to let itself prescribe to a specific genre.”

Two friends, maybe lovers, trying to do something, anything. Matthew Schwartz of the Cold War Kids co-wrote and sang the background vocals while LA producer, and resident Capitol Studios engineer, Peter Gonzales lent a hand as well. Taking inspiration from Ravel, D’Angelo, and Lana Del Rey, the track is a raw, distorted indie rock track engulfed by dreamy synths and big distant drums that combine flawlessly with Mae’s hypnotic vocals.

“Somethings” is her only release so far, but it is satisfying enough to hold you over until she comes out with more tracks. You can keep track of this budding solo artist through her facebook and twitter.