Lines Will Take You on an A-Linear Journey


Do you feel like going to a rave? What about a rave in Stockholm?

Well, Lines will take you there. This brand new Stockholm-based four-piece is increasingly gaining a cult/not-so-cult fanbase thanks to the Spotify platform and thanks to their catchy debut and follow-up tracks. Their debut single, “Weekends” hit #6 on the Spotify Global Viral Chart. It is the ultimate weekend anthem that not only channels the beautiful intensity that comes with a Swedish-Scandi-Nordic night of partying, but perfectly suits any occasion to dance.

The chaotic, hypnotic sound would bring any dance party to its knees.

I’ve got all my friends here getting fucked up for the weekend

Their new video for it is equal parts Party Monster and horror flick Raw. You can watch at your own risk below.

Their follow-up release, “You” is a bit more forgiving, but no less impressive. It is a love song with a bit of edge to it. It has been featured on Spotify New Music Friday Sweden as well as Spotify Indie Pop (where I first heard it and a playlist I wholeheartedly recommend).

And it’s you/always on mind/always on my mind/all the fucking time

“You” is a stand-out track that manages to be fun and danceable without regressing into superficial, standard beats.

Glancing at their website and logo (IIIII) indicates that they are no-nonsense, no-frills, and not about distractions (It could also indicate their Swedish minimalism #ikeashoutout). The music reflects this as well and manifests itself in the quality of the sound. Keep up with Lines newest releases via their facebook and twitter.

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