NIK11 Wakes Us Up Early with ‘6AM’


Multi-talented singer-songwriter-performer NIK11 is plowing a row for herself as an independent artist in a field where having a unique and distinctive sound and look is becoming increasingly uncommon. Her latest single “6AM” is giving her even more exposure.


On “6AM” her latest and greatest release, NIK11 delivers what I can only describe as good house dance music. It has flavorings of house funk electro dance music but, perhaps surprisingly the primary focus is the beat and the melody. Not many people know Detroit, New York, and Chicago is where this form of music originated at. “6AM”  has an elegant journeyman’s feel, becoming almost hypnotic in places. The textures provided by NIK11 are especially evocative.


“6AM” has a short but sweet structure, lending it more of a straight house feel but it could hardly be called straight techno built around NIK11’s voice at the sonic center. NIK11 reminds me of old school Robin S. but also Pendulum and Nina Karvis and Monika Kruse.  The single has a particularly steady-thrumming bass line that adds firmness and tension. ‘6AM” reveals the glory-full return of this style of music with a fluctuating pulse and solid flow underpinning some terrific work from all involved.


NIK11 is a Detroit native who has played numerous shows around the region as well. This, her latest outing and a great pickup if you’re either in an intense mood or looking to instill a more passion. While this is music you could work or play to, it’s most suited to dance. It might just be the perfect single to hit the dance halls and clubs this Spring-Summer.  


Regardless of your locale this song is very marketable across the board and could even take off in the UK. To go with that “6AM” by NIK11 is well-suited for audiences that enjoy all the typical conventions of classic house and techno-dance music, even slight electro-funk. Expect great things from NIK11 this Summer are this single hits full force. I feel there’s a disgruntled audience out there just waiting for her to arrive.


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     -review by Scottie Carlito

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