“No Respiration” by (leave) nelson b makes us want to come back for more

As the first taste of (leave) nelson b’s newly released album 3.0: Saints, “No Respiration” is an ambient song that combines hip hop beats with engaging vocal samples. Together, it creates a complex soundscape that tells a story of its own. It feels focused, urgent, and even a little funky.

The song is enveloping and creates the space it wants listeners to see and feel. The elements of this song are well placed to accent one another, allowing each element to truly shine. Further, it has a consistent yet driving beat that moves listeners through the environment (leave) nelson b is creating. Throughout the track are the sirens of police cars. Eventually, there is an automated voice that says, “911 what is your emergency?” Following are the haunting lines of “I still love you” and “please let me go.” This gives a potency to the track that is absolutely unforgettable.

(leave) nelson b isn’t new to mixing darkly relevant tracks. In fact, he has been mixing and producing music almost 10 years. His last project, 2.0: Phantom, is viscerally haunting and addicting to listen to. He knows how to capture feelings and atmospheres through sound in a way many musicians struggle to. If his past work and “No Respiration” are any indicator, 3:0 Saints will be a dark, meaningful, and experiential album for listeners.

As (leave) nelson b continues to collaborate with new artists, only good things are expected to come. For any lovers of ambient music and solid storytelling, “No Respiration” is a must-listen track that is sure to get you hooked on 3:0 Saints.  

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