The Ultimate Guide to New York City for Theater Lovers

New York City

New York City has been my home since birth. Too often I take for granted the amazing entertainment opportunities that are readily available to me, outside of the music world. NYC is one of the best destinations for theater lovers. If you love watching plays, musicals, or entertaining shows, it’s time to visit the center of this type of entertainment, New York City’s Theater District. Going to New York with a themed itinerary in mind makes touring this immense metropolis all the more fun. Here is your ultimate guide to New York City for theater lovers.

See a Broadway Show

A visit to New York City wouldn’t be right without catching at least one top Broadway show. There typically is a variety of different shows playing in the popular theater district, but some visitors can experience a little sticker shock as the most talked-about shows demand high prices. Take some time to research buying discount theater tickets to save a little more cash and watch more than one Broadway production.

There are some amazing new shows. Don’t miss out on the exciting Harry Potter musical Broadway and save money by researching discount theater tickets for more than one production.

New York City

Stay in a Central Midtown Location

Next, make your stay a lot more enjoyable by booking a Murray Hill hotel within close proximity to all of the best theater attractions. Make it easier on yourself to get to everything the New York Theater District has to offer by staying at a hotel like the Westgate New York Grand Central,

Check Out Experimental Theater

Besides going to see Broadway shows, theater lovers can also get an exciting experience in New York City drama by checking out some experimental shows. Outside of the standard Broadway fare, theater lovers may also want to check out off-Broadway or off-off-Broadway shows. These shows may feature performances that are immersive or require audience participation. Participating in the playhouse experience may give theater lovers a new appreciation for the art.

Catch an Outdoor Performance

Some of the best shows in New York City are located outdoors. Visiting New York City in the summer is a great way to experience outdoor theater. Central Park and other locations may have free outdoor music concerts. Shakespeare in the Park is another option for those who want to see something a little different.

Experience an Entertaining Dinner

Theater lovers can also get their show fix at some of New York City’s Broadway-style eateries. The most famous show-stopping dinner experience is at Ellen’s Stardust Diner on Broadway, where the waiters put o a performance while serving the food. Gayle’s Broadway Rose restaurant is another option for visitors looking for a song with their dinner.

There is no greater experience for drama aficionados than going to New York City and the famed Theater District. Try out these possible tour ideas to get your theater dose among the other adventures in my hometown.

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