Oberon Rose – “Tell Me All About It”

Oberon Rose

East Coast rockers Oberon Rose just released their new 9 track CD entitled “Tell Me All About It” (2018). Contributors: Music written, arranged and produced by Tommy Oberon, Lyrics written by Rebecca Rose. The band consists of Tommy Oberon: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Chris Listorti: Bass, Keyboards and Backing Vocals, Mike Keyes: Drums.


To me “Tell Me All About It” by Oberon Rose is about love and life and delivers several superb performances from these 3 via an impressive songwriting partnership by Tommy Oberon, Lyrics written by Rebecca Rose. The LP also allowed me to indulge into memories of my college days when I used to party all night long and come down had the next listening to acts like The Stone Roses, Four Non-Blondes, The Libertines, Toadies, and Radiohead. Oberon Rose questions a traditional rock sensibility and offers listeners a glimpse into the future of music by taking a script from the past. What’s apparent from the 9 tracks featured is this is a surprisingly tight band with elite writing skills.



The sharp edge collection of songs almost feels like your watching a band live, is very compatible with the persona and personality of these 3 which will intrigue and indulge many. Listening to the opening title track the quality struck me as I was listening to it, mainly because I wanted to put a face to the voice and instruments. When I saw the picture of these 3 they were everything I had visualized. No Matter if it’s by design or by accident putting a tight rhythm section and an alt-rock swagger is a smart move. My top picks on the LP are “Tell Me All About It”, “Life in a Box” and “A Place in the Sun.” On all tracks, you will hear hot rhythm and solo guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, organ, and at times rock solid vocals, impressive vocal layering and some sporadic synth elements.


Typically, because I am a DJ by trade you can find me posted up with my laptop with a choice beverage perusing the web while digging into new and fresh music. As “Tell Me All About It” breathed gently out of my speakers, it captivated me and inspired me to write down my thoughts and feelings. Feelings I had about life from day to day, from moment to moment to maybe write a poem or song about. Perhaps this is the same approach these folks had when writing these songs? Yes, I played it in the background while I was working out as well. This is the perfect music for these types of background activities.


“Tell Me All About It” by Oberon Rose is a blast from the past with a modern day spin. Oberon Rose also provided the great musical escape I was looking for. They look like a great act to catch live on the East Coast as well. My hats off to Oberon and the gang for bringing back good music delivered a bit out of control. That’s kind of what classic rock n’ roll is all about.


Find Oberon Rose HERE  and on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/oberonrosemusic/



     -review by Susan Calloway

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