Zack Kirkorian Takes Us On An ‘Exercise In Stupidity’

Zack Kirkorian

We all need some motivation sometimes. The music industry is a tough business. Inspiration can come and go. Difficulties are part of the process. The key is to keep pushing forward no matter what life throws at you. Our friend Zack Kirkorian is a testament to being the best you can be without any excuses or complaints.


The experimental singer and songwriter plays by no one else’s rules. Being born with disabilities in his legs only acted as a starting off point for the direction of Zack Kirkorian. Realizing that he couldn’t be an athlete he gravitated towards music and considers it a blessing. Originality is at the heart of his music. He creates songs that he wants to hear that no one else is putting out there. Think the exotic thoughts of Frank Zappa along with the innovative genre-breaking of David Bowie.



Enjoy our interview with Zack Kirkorian HERE.


Through his interesting career, Kirkorian toured the country playing music and was a staple of the Sunset Strip scene in Los Angeles in its 80’s heyday. He even performed as a keyboardist for hair-metal legends Warrant. As that scene died down, Kirkorian landed positions as a technician at a music software company and an engineer at Leon Russell’s recording studio. This is a man that is truly multi-talented.


The latest installment in this journey is the release of his full-length album Exercise In Stupidity. The 21 track record of songs and skits takes us in many different directions. It is truly unique yet still available for mass consumption.


After the introductory “Rockstar” giving us a hint of what we are in for, Kirkorian dives into “Love Me Now (OEM)” which turns on the energy with a hard rock flair. The grizzled vocals give it a raw and real tone. We are treated to a more EDM-influenced sound on “Cinch It Down TIght.” The big electro beat melds with distorted guitars and seemingly random bridges to keep the listener constantly guessing.


The experimental style remains even as the energy is dialed back on “Set You Off” which could be construed as a ballad in the alternate Zack Kirkorian universe that we are now in. “I Could Never Hurt You” takes the ballad tone even further.


The master studio engineer shows his talents on “Taker.” The elegant guitar line is blended just right with electro noises and big power chords to stay in the unique musical dimension we are now deep inside of. Kirkorian adds to the unique mystery with the over 13-minute closer “Desperate.” There may be some psychedelic influences in the sampled voice we hear here. This full album is truly an experience in sound of a musical master.


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