As technology has entered the world of music we have seen more and more electronic beats as the basis for great songs.  The old school of only using electronica for fast paced floor shaking music is over.  Now pretty musical pieces can weave their way through the electronic spectrum like our recent discovery Ohlayindigo.

The electro-pop artist hails from Oslo, Norway where a lot of this mellow electronica seems to come from.  Ohlayindigo has added a twist by adding emotional lyrics and darker melodies that seem to wash over the listener.  She claims inspiration from a variety of different genres and at different times you can get a taste of artists such as Pink Floyd, Portishead, Banks, and The XX.  The sounds have been catching the ears of new fans even without the release of a full album yet.

Here is some footage of their recent Norwegian tour with some great music:

Ohlayindigo Norway Tour Spring 2015–WATCH IN HD FOR BEST QUALITY–Here’s a little video we knocked together from backstage footage of our joint Norwegian tour this spring with Mari Hajem We had an amazing time, played some amazing shows, and met some amazing people. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us. We can’t wait to come back and play again very soon!

Posted by Ohlayindigo on Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We had the chance to hear a few of Ohlayindigo’s songs to get a taste of what is to come.  The energy of “Heartbeat” is undeniable as the catchy melodies and exotic beat weaves its way deep into your brain.  This one will get the heart beating faster.  The vocals really stand out on “If These Walls” with their deep and emotive tone accompanied by a dark beat that creates an aura of deep imagination.  The lead track is “Gem”, a strong electro-pop friendly song that fills the sonic space with noises coming at you from angles.  Again the emotion filled vocals soar above drawing in the listener to the world being painted.

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