It is unfortunate that sometimes people are judged just by their appearance.  These judgements are not always negative.  On the other hand it is often the person seen as beautiful that people seem to think have no other talents besides a pretty face.  When we got under the surface of Levantay we learned much more.


The singer-songwriter who grew up in Jamaica now is based in New York.  The beauty of Levantay was recognized back in 2006 when she won the Miss Jamaica NY pageant and went on to be First Runner Up Miss Jamaica USA.  The true talents of Levantay were in her voice and needed to be exposed.  She honed her skills at the Ashe Caribbean Performing Art Academy & the Brooklyn College Ensemble.  The main focus of her life became to empower people to become their best self.

We recently had a chance to hear the first single from her upcoming EP Brave Girl.  The single “beYOUtiful is a perfect introduction to the talents of Levantay.  In a culture where beauty is based on mere physical appearance rather than intellectual capacity, Levantay spells the song title of her hit single with YOU to signify that true beauty comes from absolute and unconditional love of self and starts with “you”.  The soulful and inspirational song has a fun beat that will keep your toes tapping as you focus on the positive message.  The sultry and strong vocals capture attention from start to finish as the sounds come from all angles to create a perfect backdrop.  The production is top notch and we are excited to hear more from Levantay soon.  Keep up to date at:

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