Senator – “One Night Stand” Telling the Story of a Terrible Night

Senator Tiny Monsters EP

Music is personal for every person and artist. Songs can tell stories personal to the artist and leave room for the listener to interpret it with their own experiences.  Our recent find Senator puts some wild ideas in your head to let you paint quite a picture with their latest single.

For Senator, “One Night Stand” tells the story of a man who was drugged and tortured by a blind date.

The track has you follow the events. The opening of the song is solemn and slow with sounds of a women painting. The dark reality of what can happen on dates, sets in with Senator’s almost muted voice coming in, giving the alternate take, where the woman takes the lead taking her date down.

The simplistic track features piano, guitar, the “oooo”s of a small sounding choir or women, and a simplistic drum beat. The simplicity of the instrumentation allows for a more emotional time listening.

“This track is kind of horror-show meets R&B meets indie,” Senator told Paste Magazine.

While this sounds is a little different that Senator’s typical sound, it’s working really well.

“One Night Stand” is only one single off the latest 6-track EP, “Tiny Monsters,” which is guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings and be replayed over and over.

The soulful ambiance and head-bobbing beat of “One Night Stand” only gives a peek at the entire EP.

Be sure to check out “Tiny Monsters” and follow Senator for updates.

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