There are tons of sub-genres within every music genre out there.  This gets confusing at times, but shows how much diversity there is in the music world.  Art cannot be labeled into just a few categories where musicians are forced to all sound the same.  The ability to express ones own sound will always open even more musical doors.  Our latest find fits into a sub genre I had not heard much from before.  Welcome the band One Stop Left.

One Stop Left

The band from Naples, Italy places themselves in the genre of Easycore.  It is a mix of pop punk and hardcore music.  Friendly and aggressive all at the same time.  Any listener can hear the influence of 90’s pop punk bands but there is an edge here.  One Stop Left formed back in 2009 when Danilo Ranno and Vincenzo Guarino discovered they shared a common passion for this style of music and went out to find their missing parts.  Luckily it did not take too long for them to find Fulvio Bennato and Giuseppe Polito to complete the project.  Together they have been making a name for themselves locally winning opening slots for Zebrahead and playing with bands like Vanilla Sky, Melody Fall, and RFC.

The boys have now released their first full length album ‘It’s Up To Us’.  The 11 track record is a testament to the easycore genre.  Songs like ‘I Remember’ and ‘Loosing My Interest’ show how the music can go from pop punk sing along to aggressive guitar attacks within a moments notice.  The enjoyable ‘Summer Sky’ features some excellent guitar skills and a powerful driving beat.  The lead single ‘Nothing At All’ leans more toward the pop-punk vibe with vocals that will be sung by bouncing teens at every One Last Stop show.  If you listen to one song, this is the one to get you hooked.

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