There are so many people out there with tons of talent.  It is not even strange anymore to find someone who is involved in many different aspects of the entertainment world.  We recently had the chance to sit down with Chris Rich, accomplished Actor, Model and now Singer.

Chris Rich


He is working on his first solo CD project which will be released in the Fall of 2013 on the Immaculate Southern Comfort Entertainment label.  His interesting R&B sound and amazing voice have the chance to get him some big notoriety in the music realm.  Here is our interview:

How did you get started in R&B? 

I have always loved singing, even as a kid I started singing at a young age listening to my parents play the oldies.

Tell us about your first show ever? 

My first show ever was a birthday party funny part was the sound system kept going out and I had to sing a capella

How did you end up hooking up with Southern Comfort Entertainment? 

After having a meeting with L. Boo Bee Torrey (CEO) I knew it would be a great collaboration are vision of moving forward in my music career was parallel

You seem to be everywhere, compare modeling and acting to your music career? 

They all tell a story so I enjoy singing the story, just like modeling and acting gives you a mental and physical visual music does the same as well

Tell us about your excitement in getting nominated for a Georgia Music Award in the Best Male R&B category?   

I was overjoyed because just to get recognized by something I love, music, is a complete honor

There is much more than standard R&B in your sound. Tell us about your influences? 

My influences are Usher, and Jason Derulo to name a few progressive sounds

Are you looking to stay involved in each of your pursuits or will you choose one to focus on if the opportunity arises? 

I will choose to focus on each opportunity as it arises, just letting things flow

You have worked hard to get where you are. What are your upcoming plans to keep the momentum going? 

Thank You, My upcoming plans are continue to work on my cd, shows, touring, always striving to become a better creative outlet.

Find out more about Chris Rich and his upcoming release at:

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