Music that is made with a purpose will always be more enduring than music just made to make people dance at one moment in time.  The hip hop genre in particular has 2 very different sides of this coin.  Today we want to feature Deimont, who is passionate about his music and creating a meaning and purpose to go along with it.


The rising hip hop artist from Charlotte, North Carolina discovered at a young age that he had a true passion for music.  Along the way he found that he also had a gift for writing meaningful lyrics and performing with a purpose.  Deimont credits his skills to the inspiration in his formative years by Wu Tang Clan, Bone Thugs, and Michael Jackson.  As a teen hustling in the streets he began rapping about the struggles of his peers and himself.  This developed into soulful music that is meant to speak to his generation and make the world a better place.

Recently Deimont released his first record of all original music.  The 12 track album goes by the name 6624 F.  He brought in many powerful producers such as KloudNineMusic, and Andreonbeat to create something that sounds professional on every label.  On songs like ‘Cry About It’, Deimont shows that there is a powerful message behind his lyrics and he is not afraid to share the thoughts bouncing around in his brain.  He brings some sultry appeal to the record with ‘Being Me’ featuring Layla Lang with the vocal hook.  The song ‘Dueces’ opens with an old school feel beat before the lyrics start to slow rapid fire style telling a full story that makes the listener stand up and take notice.  You can get a listen to the full album at:

Keep up with Deimont at: and

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