The technology of today makes creating full soundscapes that sound like there are 10 musicians in the room actually doable by just one skilled artist.  Do not get me wrong, this is not easy but someone with a vision and a good ear can make music that sounds complete to any listener.  One such artist is our latest discovery Project Pronin.

Project Pronin

The project consists of Yan Pronin of Las Vegas, Nevada who writes, plays most of the instruments, and records all his own music.  He does bring in other featured artist to lend their technique and inspiration to his sound.  Yan was sucked into the music world at 15 years old when he first picked up a guitar and found ways to produce interesting sounds out of it.  The Project Pronin sound is heavily influenced by bands like Radiohead and the techno dance music of the past.

We at Indie Band Guru were able to get a listen to some of Project Pronin’s latest creations.  On ‘Obama +4’ he adds an interesting, and startling at times, soundscape to a remixed speech given by the President.  To show off the talent that he recruits Yan brought in Luc La Rin to provide vocals on ‘Never Surrender’.  The more mellow song displays a softer side and the ability to create a background melody that does not take away from the vocals up front.  The song that stands out most here is the eerie ‘We’re Here’.  An exotic soundscape is built here from the beginning with clicks and clacks that expand into a full-fledged cacophony of sound that will warp its way into your mind.  As the listener’s body is forced to relax a wave comes over that seems to lift you a higher place.

Go take a listen for yourself at:



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