Every band must occasionally take a step back from their music and career and take a real look at themselves and where they are headed.  This is even more important for a band like our latest discovery One Way Home, who has a higher mission with their music.

One Way Home

The 5-piece Contemporary Christian band from Houston, Texas has been together for nearly 7 years.  The main goal of One Way Home is to honor God with their music and their lives.  This conviction caused the band to take a break and reevaluate their path to refocus and expand their true goals.  Now that their purpose and mission are straight again the band got back to making music.

The result is their third album More Than A God.  The songs that we had a chance to hear show that they are definitely on the right path.  On the beautiful piano led piece “Throne Room” Leslie’s vocals lead the way to set up the powerful message with a full spectrum of sound behind it.  “Beautiful One” is a more rocking song that is pushed forward with a strong guitar and drum progression.  The chorus is strong and will stick in your mind while getting across the message.  One Way Home slows it down again on “How Deep The Father’s Love”.  This is a perfect song for a service to an attentive congregation in my opinion.  You can learn more about One Way Home at: http://www.onewayhomemusic.com/

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