Style and passion are a huge edge for any artist willing to put in the time in these areas in addition to making great music.  We live in a visual world now.  There are many opportunities to increase your brand and visibility aside from just plays on soundcloud.  For example let us introduce you to Tha Gentlemen Muzik.

The hip hop duo is from the heart of Dallas, Texas.  Sho’off and C Bee met back as freshman in High School and instantly a musical bond was made.  After showing off some of the music they made to the local club scene Tha Gentlemen Muzik was formed to take their sound to the next level.  They also bring an upscale fashion sense back to the hip hop scene that sets them apart from many of their local counterparts.  A full visual and sonic experience is expected at a show by Tha Gentlemen Muzik.  Business acumen is part of the duos passion as well with goals of total hip hop domination.

The latest track by Tha Gentlemen Muzik is their remix of Ciara’s “Body Party”.  The slow jam shows some of the diversity of the group with high end lyrical content and production skills.  Enjoy the YouTube version below:

Keep up with Tha Gentlemen Muzik on their Official Twitter  and Facebook Fanpage.





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