Another thing we are strong supporters of is reading.  Sometimes it seems as if reading is slipping away into obscurity with all the fast paced and visual needs of today’s society.  One thing I often do is read as I listen to music in the background.  My thirst for reading was sealed at a young age with the sci-fi books I would read in high school.  We recently came accross the next generation in Sci-Fi/Fantasy books in Aoleon The Martian Girl and its corresponding soundtrack.


Our new friend Brent LeVasseur is the creator and author of the upcoming adventure series for middle schoolers and young adults.  In his attempt to make it a more encompassing world Brent decided to add a full visual landscape to the project as well as a soundtrack theme song.  Although he has a background in orchestral music, he chose to get some help from the talented voice of Elan Noelle for the pop/dance direction he wanted to go in.

The result is the song “Another World (Aoleon the Martian Girl) [feat. Élan Noelle].”  The track captures the essence of a space adventure perfectly with its soaring atmospheric sounds and full pop music treatment.  The buildup and slowdowns add to the experience that brings me back to some of the low budget sci-fi movies I used to enjoy many years ago.  Elan’s vocals welcome the listener into the story as well prompting the listener to reach for the book immediately.

Check Aoleon out for yourself at:

Find out more about Elan Noelle at:

Élan Noelle

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