Palace Winter Set to Release Latest Album ‘Nowadays’

Palace Winter

Copenhagen-based band Palace Winter are set to release their second album, Nowadays, in May.


The album starts off with an introductory song called “BIRTH,” lasting only just over minute. “BIRTH” sets the tone for the beginning of the album, and leads into the second track “Take Shelter.” “BIRTH” gives the listener an introduction for what is to come on the album.


The album flows together well. The song “Empire” is more of an indie rock song than any of the other tracks. On this tune, Palace Winter give off a feeling of longing and mystique. Their lyrics are all about secrets and leaving, and the song includes a range of sounds and instruments, including strings. “Empire” helps bridge Palace Winter’s sound and gives some variety to the album.

The song following “Empire” is “BALTIMORE.” This track slows the album down and offers more of a narrative than the previous songs. Palace Winter sing, “It’s like I’m always looking back these days / Waiting for a reason.” The lyrics are backed by an acoustic guitar as well as an electronic drum sound. This gives off a more melancholy sound than some of the other songs on Nowadays.


Palace Winter End On A Thoughtful Note


The last half of the album features some of the longer songs on the album. Palace Winter get slightly more experimental on the song “THE ACCIDENT,” and do not include lyrics. The song instead focuses on the synth sounds that the band uses. The last song on the album, “KENOPSIA,” is a slower song on which Palace Winter use a more narrative storytelling approach again. The song is a nice closer to the album, and only at about two minutes is short, but does leave the listener with room to think about the album.


Overall, Palace Winter have created a diverse and thoughtful album. Nowadays will be released on May 4.

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