The Orange Peels ‘Trespassing’ Carries Us to Far and Distant Places

Orange Peels

Trespassing by The Orange Peels captures the true essence of the coastal California music scene. It is an album you blast when you’re cruising Highway 1 with the windows rolled down and a car full of friends. The ultimate album for listeners eager for experimentation and musical intersections.


The Orange Peels bring us back to the ‘80s with familiar beats and teen spirit while also launching us into a futuristic haven of techno instrumentation. They formed in 1997 and have gone through a few reincarnations, finally settling on a lineup of Allen Clapp on vocals, guitars, and keyboards, Jill Pries on bass, John Moremen on lead guitar, and Gabriel Coan on drums.


Trespassing is the seventh album released by The Orange Peels and arguably the most progressive as well. Recorded in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the album resonates an earthy meets electronic vibe, experimenting with the limits of both and playing with how one can really enhance the other.


The Orange Peels Take Us on a Journey in Space and Time

The title track demonstrates this surprising marriage of indie rock meets techno. The melody simultaneously transports you forward and back. You feel trapped with Clapp and disordered about the nature and journey of life.


The essence of “Trespassing” is within all of us. It is the internal battle eating away at us; a desire to be close to others fighting with the fear of rejection. This album exposes the confusion the comes along with adulthood and the not-so-easy-to-find path our lives are supposed to take. It reveals our innermost desires to run away and be free of persecution and responsibility.


“Stealing Days” perfectly wraps up the album as you are transported into a hypnotic ecstasy. It features a piercing, vibrant timbre with a catchy singable melody. Carried by an innovative techno beat, the addictive nature of this song will have you blasting it for days.


Trespassing is out today. It is a masterful juxtaposition of pianos and string quartets vs. icy synthesizers. Be ready for a musical metaphor of life and is winding ways.


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