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Sp8ce Owl’s “Digital Breathing”

Sp8ce Owl’s “Digital Breathing” sounds fresh, glossy, crackling with life, and uses synthesizers far better than many. Don’t let that sway you into thinking it’s pushing into hitherto unexplored lands, however, no matter how stylish it sounds. It isn’t a slight to say that. Joseph Meyers’ project isn’t a hack attempt to make bank on

Unlike Pluto is Unlike Any Other Act

Self-proclaimed misfit Unlike Pluto uses his originality to stand out from the crowd. Blending EDM, country, folk, and rock, Unlike Pluto is unlike any artist before him.   Atlanta native and now-Los Angeles-based Armond Arabshahi has had a passion for music throughout his entire life. He has been a self taught musician from the age of

Shedbug Drops New EP ‘Destination Love’

At my dorm, there is always one themed party per semester. The theme always changes and is always a surprise. The party is thrown by the new group of students who moved in at the start of the semester. In the semester I moved in, we chose the theme “Animal Farm,” playing on George Orwell’s