Pamela Jackson Proves That ‘We Are America’

Pamela Jackson

Let’s face facts. The past couple of years in America have been filled with difficulties from many angles. Many problems have arisen that seem to have piled up on each other. We must focus on each problem and do our best to correct them. There has been a major movement in society and social justice over the past few years. We cannot allow it to get lost in the shuffle and forgotten about. Pamela Jackson is making sure that does not happen with her latest single “We Are America.”

The talented music artist is on a mission to spread love and hope and empower the people that have forgotten about their power. Pamela Jackson is the founder of Alemap Music to expand on this purpose. From an early age, a talent for music was discovered. Since then she combined it with her passion for a better world and faith in God. Her sound is a unique mix of jazz, soul and Christian music. 

‘We Are America’ by Pamela Jackson and Friends

On Juneteenth Pamela Jackson released possibly her most powerful single “We Are America.” The song is full of energy, soul, hip-hop, and inspiration. A powerful message of hope and resiliency is shared in the soulful and elegant track. Some true talent was brought in to create the song. It was produced by Quinton Fashion and Jawuan Ford, rapped on by Latarra Nicole, and had bass accompaniment by renowned bassist Andrew Gouche. 

An elegant sound is built as the base for the powerful message. To remind African Americans that they had a great part in the building of this nation. As the rap verses and spoken word come in, the full power can be felt. This is a track that demands multiple listens to take it all in. It is a group effort that proves how we can all work together to make this a better country to be a part of. 

Stream the song for yourself and share in the power on SPOTIFY or APPLE MUSIC.

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