Step Back In Time and ask “Is Anybody Out There?” With Mars Hall

Mars Hall

We all remember the smooth riffs and heavy-hitting drums that came with 80’s rock. Whether you lived through it, or listen in appreciation, the music from that era still resonates with all music lovers. The clever rock quartet, Mars Hall, brings a blast of nostalgia to your ears with a heavy classic rock influence behind every stanza. Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Mars Hall has flooded their hometown’s rock scene since their inception. 

They have already opened shows for Everclear and The Guess Who! Mars Hall has also played some of the biggest stages in the greater Madison area including The World’s Largest Bratfest, the Crystal Grand Music Theater in Wisconsin Dells, and Summerfest in Milwaukee. They’ve done all of this just within their first year!

Needless to say, they’re already making waves in the rock scene, and it’s easy to see why! Their newest full-length album titled “Is Anybody Out There?” is chock-full of catchy, intelligent guitar sections, emotive lyrics, and poignant drums. Just like the old days.

A few songs stuck out to me the most on the album. “Falling Apart” is by far my favorite of the bunch. With it’s beautiful opening piano melody and perfect leads, Falling Apart really hits you in a soft spot. 

“Eleanor Rigby” is an extremely well-made cover of a classic Beatles song that’s sure to put a smile on your face as well. It also comes with a cool music video. See below:

“Love Is A Road” shows the bands ability to throw some modern-flair to their craft. It still feels like classic rock, but with a “Coheed and Cambria” vibe to it, especially in the chorus.

“Is Anybody Out There?” is a masterful album all around though. Every song from Mars Hall is refreshing, and they write with a song structure that’s rarely seen in today’s music. Their transitions are virtually flawless and the songs flow naturally.

If you’re craving that timeless sound of the 80’s, then go ahead and enter the time-machine that is Mars Hall. You’re sure to enjoy the ride. Keep up with them HERE.

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