Patrick Noel Russ Asks Us To ‘Rise Up’ (+ Interview)

Patrick Noel Russ

There are some of us out there that are just full of music. The key is to find a way to get that music out to the world. Hurdles will come our way but the power of music must push us through. Our recent find Patrick Noel Russ is one example of this determination.

The passion of music hits hard for the songwriter. After losing his hearing in 2015, and being told it would never return, it miraculously returned a year and a half later. This gift is not taken lightly by Patrick Noel Russ. He puts as much music as he can into the world now. Splitting his time between alt-country band The Lucky Sevens, Celtic Rockers CaliCeltic, as well as a solo career, Patrick is always making music. 

On September 25th, Patrick Noel Russ released his newest EP Rise Up. The 4 song collection aims to be inspirational, positive, and upbeat as we come out of the struggles of the last year and a half. 


The single “Out Here” is the hope we need. The Americana twang welcomes the listener into this place of hope that Patrick Noel Russ has set for us. His earnest vocals are delivered with pure emotion and authenticity. Some well played guitar adds to the beauty of the song. We will all be OK.

We had the chance to catch up with Patrick Noel Russ and get a little deeper into his story and new music. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, what drives you to create original music?

It is something I do to feel like a whole person. It’s simply part of who I am. Sometimes I set out to write a song for a particular purpose. Other times it is as if a song is delivered to me. 

How would you describe the Patrick Noel Russ sound?

Well, I’ve been told some of it sounds like late 90’s alt-rock. Other times it’s been described as alt-Country. I’ve had one song described as Twee. 

So I suppose it’s a variety of sounds, but overall  it tends to be straight and sincere. 

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

For live music NRBQ was one of the best shows I’ve been to. For recorded music, I love all kinds ranging from the Avett Brothers to The Jayhawks.   

How does a song come together for you? Tell us about your songwriting process.

Often it feels like a download. I suddenly have a song that just comes out in only a few minutes. Then I look at what was downloaded and begin the editing process. 

What is the story behind your new EP Rise Up?

I once heard that people write songs that sound something like they themselves want to hear. I suppose that’s what happened here. With the changes brought on by the pandemic, I wanted to hear some positive songs about resilience and hope for a great future.   

Share a lyric that you are especially proud of.

From the song: “We were lost In a mirrored passage way” encompasses the confusion of the pandemic. It was hard to tell which direction to take, and it seemed like each action reflected back on each person. 

What do you hope the listener will take away from your music?

I hope that it might be uplifting and change someone’s bad day to a positive one.

Give us a look at the future of Patrick Noel Russ?

There seems to be a lot going on. I have another EP coming out in October. It is focused on love songs. And then another before year end focused on my hometown, Livermore California, and the many stories from there.

In addition, my Celtic rock band CaliCeltic is also planning on going into the studio for another EP late this year and early next year. I have side projects with other artists as well. I will be busy.

Keep up with where the journey goes from here on Patrick’s WEBSITE.

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