Paul Canning Brings The Fun With ‘Jiggery Pokery’

Paul Canning

Songwriting is a skill that takes practice and time just like any other skill. An artist must be willing to keep writing and writing to get better. When the songs get good enough the next step is to bring them to other musicians to keep developing even further as an artist. We recently discovered Paul Canning who is a testament to growing songwriting skills. 

The London, England based singer-songwriter has performed all over the world within both the band setting and as a solo artist. Back in 2007, Paul Canning released his debut EP Paper Planes. Since then he has played the role of John Lennon in the West End production musical of ‘Let It Be’ building his performance skills. Just last year, Paul took on the lead singer role in pop-rock band 10cc to tour and gain invaluable experience.  

Back at home, Paul Canning wrote and recorded his newest full length album Jiggery Pokery. He brought the songs to Jo Webb (ELO band member) who co-produced them. Drummer Nick Oliver was brought in to mix the record into a full piece of sonic art. Taking his songs to others and working together to take them to the next level was something that Paul got pure joy from. This is the power of songwriting. 

The opening title track “Jiggery Pokery” starts off with an energy-filled party vibe that gets the listener into the right state of mind for an enjoyable journey. The fun continues in a different way with “The Ballad Of Mr. Pancakes” which he wrote for his children. Paul Canning shows off a vocal delivery that is smooth and elegant. The softness of the song feels like a warm blanket being wrapped around you. 

Paul Canning Is A Master Storyteller

The album takes a quite experimental turn with “The No Hitter” based on former NY Yankee Doc Ellis throwing a no-hitter while supposedly high on Acid. Exotic sounds and beats seem to come from every angle as Paul’s lyrics paint quite an interesting image of what was going on in front of the pitcher’s eyes. 

We get a more bluesy piano and guitar based piece with “Everybody’s Out For Themselves”. Visions of Billy Joel come to mind as Paul Canning rocks this one with a raw energy that puts a pep in your step. 

For the closer “100 Years” Paul slows it down to deliver a real love song with just a guitar and his emotion filled voice. He has a way of creating images in the listener’s mind that brings you right into the story. Some fun guitar tones and effects add another element of imagination to the song.

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