Pay The Man Gets Real With His New Single ‘Four Dumb Lines’

Pay The Man

Using his experience from previous musical projects (Caesars Rome, Icantdie), Kyle David Smith decided to create his solo project Pay The Man. In his early days, he kept busy releasing singles and touring. However, he wanted to create a collection of songs to showcase his talents. Then last year, he made his mark on the music scene with his stunning debut album Regulars. 

Regulars is a captivating collection of honest stories. It also featured a soundtrack that blends multiple genres from acoustic pop, indie, ambient, experimental, folk and even punk. From beginning to its end, it’s hard not to appreciate this artist’s way with words. Each song highlights his depth and how he provokes imagery within his lyrics, especially with tracks such as “Regulars” and “See Straight”. But there is more than that on show, as his skills on the guitar are impressive too. No song confirms this more than “Situationship”, a personal favourite from the release. 

Watch the video for “Four Dumb Lines” below

Now to the present. Pay The Man returns with his new single “Four Dumb Lines”. Along with it, he has released a video to enforce the story he is telling. He says the song is about “Depression and Anxiety and my struggles with it. Lockdown in 2020 was a tough time for me. Experiencing such a strong emotional breakdown made me think more about how other people go through this. That’s why thanks to the Stronger Together Bridgend Initiative, I was able to tell my story”.

As soon as “Four Dumb Lines” begins, the drum sets the pace and tone. However, they sound different compared to previous releases. Pay The Man says, “I managed to provide the drums using MIDI sounds on logic while having them mixed at a proper studio. But for the single, I had drums done by my good mate Dane Campbell from Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons. It turned out so great that this will be the next step in album 2”. The new addition helps give the track more impact, both with his soundtrack and lyrics. 

Once the drums come in, soon they are supported by his captivating guitar style. With the stage set, the story begins with, “Random thoughts seem to come almost every week / Think about when we die, will sabotage your sleep / Drink away, temporary never feels the same / And Hangovers always seem to add to the weight”. The followings lines, “It’s hard to tell when it’s targeting your sense of self, takes its toll upon my mental health / I guess the dramas coming, Yes, I guess the dramas coming”, perfectly reflect his struggles with depression and anxiety. 

Pay The Man new single ‘Four Dumb Lines’ not only shows how much his songwriting abilities have grown but shines a light on his overall musical talents

Like releases prior, he creates an infectious sing-along hook. Especially with the lines, “Yeah and I see the Limit, and I can’t believe it / But oh God, It’s stressing me out”. He powers out these words to ensure they have the maximum effort. A quality used in the delivery of, “Well, thank you Genius, didn’t think you take it serious, probably thought I was delirious / All for, A better explanation to get better medication”. The way his guitar sings and the drums thunder on helps create big emotions to match the vocal tone. All these outstanding elements come together to create one of the best tracks by Pay The Man.

With “Four Dumb Lines” out into the world, he is planning for more releases to follow with progress already being made on album number two. Not only that, but he is planning to get back on the road to spread the word of his music. It will be a busy but rewarding year for Pay The Man.

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