Peter Slocombe – Talented Musician Showing His Integrity

The first key to becoming a successful musician with a long term career is to take the time to be a true talent with your instrument.  In today’s world of studio technology tricks this blatant fact has often become overlooked.  Our discovery Peter Slocombe holds true to becoming a true musician and it shows.  

The British/American songwriter and saxophone player is currently based out of the hectic scene of Los Angeles, California.  His music separates from this hustle and bustle with a seamless blend of folk, rock, and jazz.  Peter Slocombe has been an active performer for the last 15 years in a variety of positions from studio musician to sideman to solo stage professional.  These experiences have let him practice in different styles to become a master of both improvisation and songwriting.  

Peter Slocombe

Relatable Storytelling Songwriting Connects With Fans

With three previous albums under his belt, Peter Slocombe ventured to to fund his most recent project One Way Ride.  Due to his connection with the fans and talent the campaign was a huge success, trending at number 1 for all music projects and receiving a personal twitter mention from the Indiegogo staff.  The 6 track record isn’t littered with over-production and instead lets the skills and songs shine through on their own showing off a real musician integrity.  The opener “Ain’t Gonna Spend It On You” is a good wake up to the album.  The guitar chugs along as pretty piano fills create a full sound.  The vocal delivery welcomes all listeners into the story with Peter.  There is an old school Jazz feel to “You Like Coffee And I Like Tea”.  It sounds like Peter Slocombe is playing this song just for you in your own living room.  There is a Blues influence on “Not Gonna Work A 9 To 5”.  Here he lets you deep into his mindset of striving to be a career musician no matter what the world tries to tell him.  Great open lyrical songwriting here.  The album closes with the title track “One Way Ride”.  The record ends as it started with a high energy and fast paced track.  There will be a pep in your step as this one ends leaving you wanting more.  

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