There are times when music is more than just music.  Music can be used to spread a message or inspire the listener to make a change.  This is a very important aspect of music and certain artists use this power to its full potential.  One such band is the Phil Jones Band.

Based in one of the most beautiful places in America, Kauai of the Hawaiian Islands, the Phil Jones Band can’t help feeling closer to mother earth and humanity in general.  Phil says his song writing is intended to inspire positive change, love, religious tolerance, racial equality, peace and personal evolvement in a fast paced and changing world.  That is quite a challenge but it seems that the band is up for the task.

The Phil Jones Band has been releasing special songs along with complement videos recently in anticipation of their new album ONE which will be released in a few months.  The mellow rocker ‘Raise Up’ has a smooth feel with great guitar work in the back of the mix and is sprinkled with Martin Luther King quotes to add to its impact.  ‘Angels’ is another anthemic song using an atmospheric soundscape and Phil’s unique gritty vocals to push forward a meaningful song.  So meaningful in fact that the World Peace One organization recently chose the song as its theme song.  Listening to the lyrics of ‘The Perfect Wave’ put the Phil Jones Band’s philosophy right in your face, be what you want in the world and do not let the outside influences turn you into a worse person.  The video is quite amazing too featuring pro-surfer Evan Valiere on the waves in Kauai, Hawaii.

Bottom Line: If you are ready to let music be more than just sounds in your ears the Phil Jones Band is ready for you.  Take it all in and enjoy at:

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