It has been a rough week, so the usual Sunday night ritual of trying to find some relaxing music to wind down to was truly needed.  Luckily some music to answer this need was sent to me recently as if they read my mind.  Welcome to the mellow musical landscape of The Mockingbirds.

The band actually consists of only one man, Paul McNees.  Music has been a major role in his life since a young age when his parents would bring him along to their dance performances.  But Paul did not love the dances as much as he loved the music.  Really diving into music and philosophy has led him to the creation of some amazing sounds within his Mockingbirds moniker.

The Mockingbirds latest album, Lacuna, is a collection of songs that creep into your ear and then deep into your brain.  You can tell that each note is placed with precision to create a soundscape that is much more than just background music.  The opener ‘Wanting’ is a slow piece with a haunting yet simple guitar line mixed with violin to lull the listener into The Mockingbirds world.  The country square dance feel of ‘Love Auction’ brings another aspect to the album with sweet harmonies and a guitar picking style.  The highlight of the album has to be the epic ‘Between The Sea And The Sky’.  The vocals are phenomenal and the soundscape takes control of your full attention with many different instruments taking their turn in the limelight of the over six minute opus.

Bottom Line: The Mockingbirds album Lacuna is not for casual listening, but when you are ready to be immersed in a musical journey, this is the album for you.

When you are ready, listen for yourself at:

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