Sometimes there are artists that hold onto a style for years after the popularity of the genre has come and gone.  Is it staying true to your roots or just the refusal to adapt?  Either way sometimes it just works.  Today I came across Pimp Tyt, a Texas rapper holding onto the old school 70’s pimp culture.  He is no rookie though; he has been in the game since the early 90’s when he was known as 30 OT 6.

Pymp Tyt grew up in Southern California in the 1970’s world that he holds on to.  His childhood was anything but idyllic but it has made him who he is today.  He was a hustler at an early age striving to survive on the streets.  He eventually turned to music as his form of expression and moved to Texas to be a part of the booming rap and hip hop scene of the mid 90’s.  He opened for the likes of Wu Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah, Run DMC, Robb Bass, Digital Underground making a name for himself before pulling out of the scene due to his inability to keep up with the production values of the more well-known artists.  Now he is back with the right tools and determined to make it in “the game”.

His latest track ‘Pimp Tyt Tell ‘Em’ shows that he never did give up his roots.  His flow is very reminiscent of the old days over classic beats and claps.  There are even some nice female backing vocals that do remind me of Terrance Howard in Hustle & Flow, the best struggling rapper movie of the time in my opinion, Sorry Eminem.   ‘Look’n Tight’ is another track where he really dives deep into the pimp culture and the lyrics are quite entertaining.  There is still a market for this even if the music won’t be on mainstream radio anytime soon.

Bottom line:  Pimp Tyt is a little dated, but if you remember that music fondly he is definitely the artist for you.  From his words to his clothing, he is holding on tight to his past and sharing it with the masses.

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