There are many bands out there that have been completely destroyed by events outside of their control.  Nothing is ever easy and the group that can push through the turmoil and bad circumstances develops a strong bond that can catapult them to success.  Our most recent find Plastic Barricades have been through a lot and now seem to be hitting their stride.



Since the original formation of the band back in 2007 there have been numerous lineup changes and even the unfortunate death of a member.  With life experiences from all over the European continent the current lineup of Dan Kert on guitar, keyboards and vocals, Daniele Borgato on bass, and Frazer Webster on drums has made a home in North-West London.  The constant push forward has earned them accolades such as nominations for “Oxjam Band of the Year” and “MTV Brand New 2014 award”.  In February 2014, Plastic Barricades were voted to #1 out of 222 bands participating in Hard Rock Cafe London Global Battle of the Bands competition and played a sold out gig at the notorious London venue.  The music world is starting to take notice.

Last month Plastic Barricades released the second single for their upcoming album scheduled to hit shelves this autumn.  The track “Masterminds” is about taking control and responsibility of your life and striving to make the best of it.  The sweet indie pop melody is stylistically Brit-pop but has an air of epicness to it.  Dan Kert shows off an impressive guitar style without the use of many effects added to his sound.  As the song builds it grabs the listener’s attention with directions that can not be pre-determined.  This is fun music with an atmospheric tone.  Keep up with the band at 




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