What is music?  Any person that thinks that they can provide a right answer to that question does not truly understand what music is.  It is everywhere and it can be anything.  When we realize that we can find the true beauty in all of it.  One such discovery is my recent find in WEN.


The band that I believe is based in Phoenix, Arizona does not try to fit into any preconceived musical genre box but instead combines sounds that make music to them.  If it had to be described I would give it a tag in the progressive art rock space.  The group does not try to distract you from the music with lofty descriptions but instead lets their music speak for them.

The first and only album we could find was the self-titled WEN.  The 7 track record provides a mesmerizing soundscape for worries to subside and relaxation to take over.  The opener “Old News” sets up like it is going to be a soulful blues song but there is much more to it than that if you allow yourself to follow the sultry sang lyrics.  Throughout the over 8 minutes of “Fingerprints” the listener is complexly confused by melodic guitar wanderings and beats that find a way to mold the mind into a mellow mess.  This is music with good purpose even if that purpose is not to change the world.  Lead single “Lucid Virtue” seems to have sounds coming at you from all angles.  When the deep toned mumbled lyrics come in you are taken to a different space mentally.  If you are willing to let your mind be altered to a better space give WEN a listen at: http://wenmennemnew.bandcamp.com/

The band also is willing to visually stun anyone willing at the website: www.rvc.xxx


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