Play and Listen: Is Listening to Music While Playing Blackjack Helpful?


There is a debate as to whether the music that accompanies a game is useful for the player or is, rather, a distraction and only used to keep the person playing. This article looks at whether listening to music is a positive, and what type or which source of music is useful when playing blackjack.

Blackjack as an Immersive Game by Its Very Nature

The music that is used in games is said to add to the immersion, and it is very much part of the game at many casinos, such as Some blackjack tables or platforms use popular culture music and yet keep it in the background, so as not to overpower the game itself, but to complement it. The bonus these days is that you can relax with the music, but also in the knowledge that security is a priority here, so you’re safe to play. 

How Music Can Help or Hurt Your Blackjack Game

As mentioned, the repetitive game music has been overtly designed to keep you playing. The casino uses music to set the tone and create an ambiance that makes the players comfortable and relaxed. So, from a gaming perspective, and if you want to be able to practice your blackjack skills, then you may want to turn this music down. Add subtitles to be able to communicate with the dealer, so you don’t miss anything, but don’t make these in-game sounds the main music you listen to when you play.

Instead, look to add your own music to the game. Playing your own music in the background or even in the foreground will serve to keep you focused. It also adds a layer of familiarity to the game, making you more relaxed and less likely to make rash decisions. The playlist you choose should be well planned and perhaps have a range of music, but all that you enjoy will keep you energized and provide a soundtrack for your fun and enjoyment.


Listening to music as you play online blackjack can indeed be extremely useful, but it all depends on what you’re listening to. Many players will swear by listening to a set playlist that keeps them calm and focused, while others need to be kept livelier and will have music that raises their heart rate to keep their adrenaline pumping and mind alert and awake.

However, unless you enjoy the music that comes with the game itself and is provided as background music in the casino, then you should avoid this as a blackjack player that needs to focus on their game and their own cards. Casino music is designed to keep you playing and, therefore, having your own music may be able to provide you with a little more control over your playing decisions. Listen while you play but ensure that it’s your own music. This way, you can enjoy the game itself, but also experience music that resonates with you.

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