An artist with any real desire for success must fully immerse themselves in not only the musical arts community but other creative types as well.  Inspiration can come from anywhere if you keep your ears and mind open.  Our recent find Portrait blends a wide variety of art into her own sound.

The singer/songwriter was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in London, England.  This allowed her to experience many different styles and all out weirdness through her life.  Music was always a passion and Portrait trained as a classical pianist as well as electronic musical production.  Her sound is truly unique as it blends the old and new with a strangely enticing texture.  

Recently Portrait released her debut EP simply titled Portrait.  The opener “Boh” begins with a minimalistic piano melody that turns deep and dark as droning bass sounds come in and mix with Portrait’s sultry vocal style.  The experimental “Phoenix Rise” has odd noises intertwined throughout to keep the listener guessing where the song will go next.  The over 5 minute song is a journey through a varied sonic landscape.  The track “Tremble” puts much of Portrait’s artistic talent on display with the addition of an amazing music video.  Enjoy it here:



The EP closes with “Smile” which leans more toward the dance music genre with its bumping beat driving along while Portrait’s exquisite vocals put the listener in a lucid dream state.  Go enter this ethereal world at:

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