Often the hardest piece to find to complete a solid band lineup is a good singer.  There are tons of people out there that think they know how to sing but fitting into a band setting is completely different than singing kareoke.  A good band must remain patient and wait to find the perfect complement to the sound they have developed.  A good example of this is the band Pralaya.


The alternative/progressive rock band from NYC has been in development for years.  Way back a couple of guys started jamming together a couple times a month and as they played together an obvious chemistry grew.  At the time the group consisted of Jon Connolly (Bass), Greg Telfeian (Drums), and Rick Whitley (Guitars). Their style of just throwing out riffs and feeding off of each other created an improv style of music that grew tighter and tighter with each studio session.  Then the magic happened and singer Alex Knales came into the picture.  He had the same kind of organic creativity as the rest of the band and the songs started to flow.

The result is Pralaya’s new album Matter Of Time.  The record is available for free download on their Soundcloud page.  The 6 track record brings the best of each member together to form one outstanding cohesive listen.  The opener “Image” is a melodic art-rock piece with the full sonic landscape filled with sound.  It is quite a pretty song if I may say so.  On the more agressive rock sounding “Farewell” Pralaya builds up a mesh of driving guitars with emotional vocals to draw in any listener.  The title track “Matter Of Time” combines a full mesh of each member’s talents to form a very modern rock friendly song that can compete with anything on mainstream radio today.  Take a listen to it here:

Keep an eye on this rising band at:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/pralayaband

Website: http://www.pralayaband.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pralayaband


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