We are always on the search for different and innovative styles of music.  Sometimes the best way to find something new is to look toward the past.  Our latest find The Bloody Jug Band found a way to combine both the old and new for their own original sound.

Bloody Jug Band

The Orlando, Florida group is made up of 8 members who pull together traditional Jug Band instruments like washboard, washtub bass, mandolin and harmonica to craft a unique sound.  There are obviously strong Jug Band themes but the Bloody Jug Band mixes in some darker Blues and Rock n’ Roll to form a genre that has been referred to as everything from Florida Swamp Noir, Outlaw Country, Southern Bluegrass, Jug Rock while the group themselves as a ‘horror infused Jug Band’.

Last week the Bloody Jug Band released their second full length album Rope Burn.  The 13 track record is something completely different.  The opener “Volfkiller” creates an eerie tone that brings a dark side to the entire record.  On “13 Steps” the band shows off some real emotional songwriting as female lead vocal draws the listener in close to learn the story.  The speed and energy are picked up on “Dance With The Devil”.  The driving melody will have your toes tapping before you know it.  The storytelling continues on “Jezebellion” with themes and random sounds coming at you from every angle.  Quite a fun listen.  The album slows down for the closer “Gal Of Sorrow” which has a more dark country sound that ties everything together.

Find out for yourself by visiting www.BloodyJugBand.com or www.Facebook.com/BloodyJugBand


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