Fate plays a big role in music.  Creating a musical partnership is often left to this chance of meeting the right collaborator at the right time.  Many times these fateful meetings have to happened repeatedly for it to click but fate doesn’t give up.  This is what seems to have created our recent find March To May.

March To May

The Seattle, Washington based duo is made up of Darren Guyaz and Beth Wesche.  Both are free spirits that have experienced well traveled lifestyles and taken in all that they have seen to become full individuals.  Music wove in and out of eachother’s lives but helped center them when they each settled in Seattle.  It took quite a few passing musical encounters before they realized they had much more in common than just a love for music.  They started co-writing and the music began to flow.  Things happened fast and March To May began on a journey of musical discovery.

Next week, on April 25th the duo is set to release their debut album The Water’s Edge.  The 6 track record is the culmination of what a fateful musical connection can be.  The opener “The Monk And The Lover” is a dark folk song that sets the tone for an emotional listen.  March To May has a beauty to share.  They speed it up a little on “Count The Days” with a campfire style beat and the vocal back and forth between two heartfelt singers sharing their feelings.  SPeaking of emotion, “Embers” is at the peak of that as it seems like tears on being shed as the song comes to fruition.  This is truly passionate folk music.  The record closes with “Crazy Universe” and its soft sounds of beauty and mellow background that can ease even the most troubled mind.  Enter this beautiful sounding world at: http://www.marchtomay.com/


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