Any musician who has been in a band knows it is never easy getting a band together and keeping all the members going strong.  When the desire is there though for the core of a band they will push on through the struggles and member changes that any band striving for success will deal with.  A good example is our recent find Premortal Breath.

Premortal Breath

The group started their journey back in 2010 when Tommy (vocals) and Potti (drums) decided to dive in full force.  The idea was to create a fresh sounding heavy, yet melodic metal band.  The search was on for the important pieces of a guitarist and bassist.  It took some trial and error and a bunch of musicians coming in and leaving but the drive of the music pushed on and Premortal Breath.  The resulting 6-piece band has been hard at work writing songs and performing building up a strong fanbase in the process.

Premortal Breath recently released their debut EP.  We had a chance to hear some of the songs as soon as they came out.  The dark and mellow opening of “Fuck My Brain” turns into an all out aural attack with powerful drumming leading the charge.  The guitarists take the lead on “Pain” with speed metal focus pairing perfectly with the angst filled vocals.  The lyrics seem to invite you inside the dark world of Premortal Breath.  An old school punk vibe jumped out on me on “Pleasure” which mixes multiple styles quite well.  This is in your face hard rock.  The group even shows off a progressive side on “Trapped” with sounds seeming to come at you from all angles.  We are looking forward to the full EP.  Keep up with the band at: 

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