When an artist seems to have found the right path in their music career and life.  We like to keep track of them and see the progress of success.  We were introduced to Samie Bisaso back in March when we reviewed his single “Million Pieces”.  (Check out the writeup here).  He is now back with a complete album to experience.

Samie Bisaso

The singer/songwriter seems to have hit his stride and is letting his life be led by the message in music.  Samie Bisaso’s sound is a soulful mix of R&B, Pop, and Gospel that reaches out and connects with the listener.  The critics are picking up on him also as Samie has been nominated for a slew of awards for his music.

The newest album also called Million Pieces is the next step in his journey.  The 13 track record puts it all out there for everyone to enjoy.  The opener “Completely” sets the tone with an anthem style song laying out what Samie Bisaso stands for and who leads the way for him.  There is a fun and bouncy beach vibe running through “Live For You” as the sound seems to come from all angles creating a warm and fun aura.  “Your All” enters the contemporary pop music genre with a strong showing.  This is a song ready for mainstream attention.  The great sounds continue all the way to the closer “Forever In My Heart” where Samie truly shows the emotion and love in his voice.  The production here is top notch and should be heard by all.  Check out more from Samie Bisaso at: http://www.samiebisaso.com/ 


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