There always needs to be a driving force for an artist to keep creating music and go along this path that is not an easy one.  Having a faith that you can succeed if you just put in the hard work required will lead to reaching many goals.  Our recent discovery Samie Bisaso is doing it with some big help.

The contemporary singer/songwriter puts his faith in God and lets his life be led by the powerful message and meaning within him.  Samie Bisaso’s sound is a soulful mix of R&B, Pop, and Gospel.  His strongest asset is his powerful yet silky voice that meshes within the music perfectly without seeming overpowering.  It has been a long journey but one that Samie seems to truly be enjoying as fans build around his music and message.

The latest track by Samie Bisaso is “Million Pieces” which was just released on March 10th.  The energetic beat pushes the song forward over an atmospheric background that seems to bring the listener to a state of relaxation.  The smooth vocals pair well and tell of the power of having belief that everything can be put back together no matter how bad you think it is.  Have faith.

Enjoy the official music video here:

For more on Samie Bisaso go to:


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