“Press Play” on Walia’s Newest Single

If you watched the short film Silence of Friends on Netflix then you probably heard emerging artist Walia’s debut song “Press Play” in the background of one of the scenes (time stamp 9:30).

Originally from California but now based in New York City, 19 year old Natasha Walia is an emerging singer-songwriter. Taking vocal lessons since 9 and dabbling in music production in high school, Walia has always had a passion for music. 

Walia currently attends The New School where she studies The Arts with concentrations in Contemporary Music and Gender Studies. She is currently signed to Better Company in Brooklyn, NY. 

A lack of representation of queer-POC artists in the music industry, has left Walia determined to be a role model. Sharing stories of love, friendship, coming-of-age and other relatable topics, her music is a positive voice for this community. 

“Press Play” touches upon the topic of love and the emotional weight that a first love can have on someone. “[Throughout the song], I’m stifling my emotions to protect the feelings of loved ones while speaking to the fear of losing a partner and the impact this has on communication and honesty”, says Walia. 

Listen to “Press Play” Here: 

I really love the softness and simplicity in the instrumentation and Walia’s vocals. My favorite lyrics are in the opening of the chorus. “Press play and watch the show I put on, when it’s time to let go.” 

I think in a new relationship there’s often a feeling of uncertainty when it comes to discussing one’s emotions. For some it is easier to “put on a show” and hide your thoughts and feelings than it is to engage in emotional confrontation.

Like Walia mentioned, this stifling of emotions can cause a severe impact on communication and honesty, which can strain a relationship. 

“Press Play” really captured the uncertainty in a first love and is a true coming-of-age song.
With her song airing in the background of Netflix’s Silence of Friends, over 250,000 Spotify streams and an EP currently in the works, Walia is definitely an emerging artist to keep an eye on!

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