Even though you don’t hear about it as much anymore, mobile ringtones are still a big business.  Ringtones are not for sale as much but they still serve as a great promotional tool.  People love to show their originality by having a unique sounding cell phone.  In fact when you hear someone with an old style regular ringtone it is shocking and you snicker behind their back.

Mobile Ringtone Marketing

Now there are websites out there where you can upload any song (or even just enter the URL of a YouTube video) and use the tools on the website to cut out the exact snippet you want and turn it into your mobile ringtone in a matter of minutes.  Every band needs to start using this promo trick.  Set up some ringtones of your best songs and offer them to all your fans for free.  They will think they are getting a great value and you will look like a champ.  Not to mention that every time their phone rings your song will get played.  You won’t make any money off of it but new people will hear your music and hopefully ask who it is.  More than likely anyone using your ringtone will be more than happy to tell the new potential fan all about your band and how they found you first.

The best website I found so far for this free tool is http://audiko.net .  They have a great list of top songs ready for you to put on your phone and the ability to upload any song you like and use their free ringtone maker to get exactly what you want when your phone rings.

Remember, every time someone hears your song there is the potential for a new fan.  Spread your music to the world and get yourself known.

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