Within a band there is usually one or two main songwriters.  The songs that they write though must fit into the full groups style and combined talents to truly create a memorable song.  If an instrument is just going along for the ride it is easily noticed and the lack of heart brings the song down.  This doesn’t mean it was a bad song, just not in the right circumstance.  Some artists must venture out to a solo career to get these songs recorded and heard.  This seems to be the case with our recent find Race Against Fate.

Race Against Fate

The brains behind the project is singer/songwriter Vik Kapur.  The indie rocker wanted to experiment with different ideas in his sound.  Race Against Fate aims to fuse traditional Western pop/rock with Indian instrumentation such as sitar and tabla.  Vik hunted down session musicians from all over the world including such locales as Moscow, London, Nashville, and Los Angeles.

Race Against Fate has released a few songs to let the world hear what the project can do.  “Song For Each Day” features a mix of exotic sounds melded together with soothing vocals bringing it to a more pop friendly level than the instruments usually experience.  On “Photograph” the atmospheric intro gives way to another assortment of sounds from all over the world.  The more experimental “Casually Leave” focuses on the beauty of exotic sounds pushed forward by an upbeat vocal track to tie it all together.  There is something here for lovers of all music.  Take a peek and listen for yourself at: http://www.raceagainstfate.com/

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