The power of the internet has made the world a much smaller place.  Once upon a time a musician was limited to writing and performing with only the other musicians in their small local scene.  Obviously the talent pool and like minded options were few.  Now two people on other sides of the world can discover each other and find the perfect partner to share their musical style with.  A great example is our latest find Gemstone Heist.

Gemstone Heist

The duo was formed after Ashley (from Kentucky, USA) and Gail (Liverpool, UK) started talking online about favourite bands and artists they had long admired.  When they realized that they shared such like ideas it was mandatory for them to push forward and try to make a long distance band work no matter the difficulties.  Gemstone Heist was born and swapping recordings across the net eventually turned into long plane trips across the pond to write together in the same room.  Ashley is the singer/songwriter who plays guitar as Gail plays keyboards and supplies the lyrics.

The project has now released some songs to introduce Gemstone Heist to the world.  “Daddy’s On A Mail Train” is a soft folk influenced track that winds its way deep into your soul.  The vocals and minimalistic acoustic guitar line blend perfectly to create an aura of relaxation.  The duo shows a different side on “Shot Glass (Basement Remix).  The addition of an electro beat sets the tone for a trance dance floor staple.  Perfect for coming down after a long night at the club.  This seems to be a great start for Gemstone Heist and we are hoping the compilation continues and we get to hear more.  Keep up with the band at:


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