Music will always be its own worldwide language where people from very different backgrounds can find a common link and share something that is bigger than what they can achieve on their own.  This is something that keeps me always searching for new sounds and the artists that create them.  Our recent find SonicWhiteOut is a great example of the power of music.


The German duo is the result of a chance meeting by two individuals with very different musical roots who found they both had a deep affection for the new wave sounds of the 1980’s.  The SonicWhiteOut studio project evolved into a live band as the guys experimented with such exotic sounds as vintage Russian synths and “e-bowed” guitars.  The goal was to combine vintage and modern into one all encompassing sound.  As the band puts it “SonicWhiteOut is the constant, restless and never-ending search for tunes and words, surging to describe our intimate sentiments between fortune and fear, anger and madness, when outer and inner worlds collide”.  I couldn’t say it better myself.

Last year SonicWhiteOut released their debut EP Crust to some pretty positive feedback.  The six track record showcases their original sound that seems familiar to the listener’s ears.  The opener “Wheel Of Sound” draws back to the pop music of an earlier time when music was relatable and comforting.  The chorus caresses over the listener creating a cozy kind of feel.  The more experimental “Run” mashes much more dischording sounds grabbing attention at every angle.  The spacey tone of “Dust” forms a wall of sound that blends together effortlessly when it seemingly is not possible.  The sped up chorus pushes the energy of the track forward nicely.  The latest single, not on the EP, “Bound & Space” shows that there is much more imagination within SonicWhiteOut and much more catchy tunes to follow.  Keep up with the project at:

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