Fell for the World sees the welcome return of the multi-talented Rainy. His previous releases, What it all Boils Down To and Hold to the Rhythm, were both well received. They offered a chilled acoustic sound described as Bill Withers meets Jack Johnson.


The album begins with “Strangest of Circumstance” which sets the tone of the album with its laid-back blend of acoustic vibes. The gentle use of the guitar, drums, and piano creates a soothing atmosphere. Rainy’s great vocal presence caps off this impressive start.


It is difficult not to notice the relaxed tone that this album has to offer. This is why it has been compared to artists such as Jack Johnson, Paul Simon and Xavier Rudd. It makes you want to kick back, relax and enjoy.


This soundtrack is all created by the man himself who performs using an array of instruments which range from acoustic guitar, piano, bass and various other percussion instruments. He receives a little help from Marcelo Andrade who uses the Rabeca (Brazilian Violin) on “Wishing Well.”


“Wishing Well” is also a great example of how he records each separate instrument and layers them to create a beautiful sound. It is one of many great examples of his music engineering and producing talents at work. This track features the use of a sitar, banjo, flute, and some throat singing. Its combination creates such a relaxed tone that is a delight to hear.


With such an impressive soundtrack, you need an impressive vocal performance to go with it. Rainy confirms that he has this ability. He brings a gentle tone that is soothing and compelling. There is also a subtle amount of emotion within his voice which gives more soul to his lyrics. It all combines to create a storytelling element to his work as “Home” highlights. From start to finish his story sweeps you away, thanks to one of his best vocal performances.



‘Fell for the World’ by Rainy was worth the wait


Fell for the World is one of those albums which shows no weakness. It has so many impressive tracks that it is difficult to choose a favourite. “Not Lead to the Light” is one that continues to stand out with each listen. The use of the resonator guitar and harmonica gives the track a cool bluesy tone. It’s not his usual type of sound but it’s one that fits him well. His vocals are put to great use to share its message about changing your ways to make your life better. Its hook helps to shares this message: “We could spend our whole lives / Chasing these shadows around / Only to find / The way becomes the chains that bind you inside / we turn the wrong way / This road will not lead to the light.”


“Still Here” is another personal highlight with its gentle use of the guitar and vocals. This combination sets the stage for Rainy’s story to be told. He does so with a style that is similar to the great storytellers such as Dave Van Ronk. The song flows effortlessly with its positive tone which is mirrored by lyrics such as “So bring your smile / And spread your cheer / Make true the wise / While we’re still here / ‘Cos we’re still here.”


Overall, Fell for the World is an album has an infectious warmth that will capture a lot of people’s attention. When a songwriter puts this much of their soul in their work like this, it is difficult to resist.


Rainy is already working on new material. He is also looking forward to playing Fell for the World live and is planning to tour Europe and parts of the US. This new chapter in the music from Rainy has only just begun.

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