The Raveonettes’ Release July’s RSOTM

The Raveonettes

So if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, or if you’ve never visited this site (in which case, hello and welcome!) you’ll know that I provide a monthly review for the newest track from a duo called The Raveonettes. If you’re wondering why I do this monthly, it’s because the Danish group is releasing a new song every month for the year 2016 in what they call the Rave-Sound-Of-The-Month.

This month, the track is titled “Where Are You Wild Horses,” and I must say that it is quite the interesting sound. As always, the song was released along with a lyric video. These images are always an experience to watch, as the images within each are often a bit disjointed and arrayed.

Overall, I must say that every single track I have heard from The Raveonettes this year has managed to completely impress me.

The Raveonettes tug at the heartstrings in latest single.

This month’s track starts out a bit more upbeat than I am used to from this group, which really led me to believe that I was in for quite the experience. The electronic vibe is strong in this one and, when the vocals begin, there seems to be a softness to them that I am not exactly used to. Previous tracks from The Raveonettes have been a bit more vocally intense, but it seems that this one is quite mellow in comparison.

Lyrically, there seems to be some sadness behind this track, which is quite intense. As the chorus begins, I am taken aback. There’s such a sad emotion in the vocals that really tug on your heartstrings, a complete transition from other tracks that I have heard by the Danish duo. The video has an old-timey feel to it that is portrayed through the antique looking scene of horses running through a field. The green tint to the video makes it look a bit dismal, and the slightly grainy classic movie look really adds to the experience overall.

Definitely a different sound than I am used to hearing from the pair, but it is a completely beautiful track. The sadness is beautifully portrayed in this one, and as always I am completely looking forward to next month’s track.

Head over to YouTube to check out this new track.

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